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50m Electric Poultry Netting With Double Spiked Posts

50m Electric Poultry Netting With Double Spiked Posts

Product Reference: U06-009


122.50 (inc vat)
This is a 50m length of green electric chicken netting to fence off your chickens / poultry from foxes etc. When electrified this will provide one of the best deterrents there is against predator attacks on your birds.

The net is our regular high quality netting that we've sold for years. It is 110cm tall with steel conductors in all horizontal strands but the bottom. These collect at the end of the net and run up the end poles to form a tail. These tails have clips on them to connect to other nets should you wish. With all the strands meeting at either end, any single breakage of a line will not result in a power loss to that line as the electricity simply comes from the other side (through the back door if you like).

The height of the first four holes in the net is 5cm so even small birds won't escape. The next four holes are 10cm high then two at 15cm and the top being 20cm.

The only difference between this net and our other 50m Electric Poultry Netting is the double spiked posts with this one. Single spiked nets are fine for most situations but we've found that because a single spike has less of a grip in the soil, when the net has to turn or is tensioned in such a way as to pull the net slightly sideways, the whole pole moves in towards the bend and the spike moves in the ground. This makes the fence less tensioned and therefore more prone to earth leakages than it would be if it were in a straight line.

When using a chicken net with double spiked posts making a circular or curved pen for your poultry becomes much easier. We still recommend our SUPER STURDY EXTRA STRONG CORNER POSTS for the corners of the nets as they help considerably in keeping sagging to a minimum.

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