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Fenceman CP900 6v & 12v Battery Energiser

Fenceman CP900 6v & 12v Battery Energiser

Product Reference: U01-057


143.00 (inc vat)
The CP900 is a battery energiser that can be run from a 12v re-chargeable battery and has an internal 6v battery back-up.

Fencemans CP range have 'constant power' technology - this means if the 12v battery runs down or is taken away for recharging, the 6v battery will take over and power your unit at the same output giving you peace of mind that your fence has constant power and at a consistent voltage to keep your horses respecting the fence.

It will power up to 7km of fencing at a fence voltage of around 3,200v under normal load and has two power output settings. as well as 2 pulse rates. On the low power setting, it has 0.34 output joules and on the high power setting it has 0.71 output joules. This allows you to run it on high power for longer fences or until your animals have learned to respect the fence and then you can turn it down to low power to conserve battery life. The pulse rate is adjustable from 1.5 seconds to 2.5 seconds, allowing you to conserve battery power even further.

This also has a low battery indicator so you know when it's time to re-charge your 12v battery as well as a fence voltage indicator so you know there's enough power on the fence line, or to alert you to any problems which may be causing a power leakage.

Supplied with 4 internal D cell 6v batteries which are slotted in to the energiser housing, the leads to connect to a 12v battery and to the fence are also included. Please note - a 12v battery is NOT included. This unit can also run from the mains with the additional of a mains adapter (not included).

The unit has a strong weatherproof casing and is mounted onto it's own earth stake which doubles as a stand. The securing clamp on the back holds the earth stake firmly in place and provides the good ground connection. Alternatively, the clamping bracket can be detatched from the earth stake making it purely a mounting stake and an additional earth wire can be attached from the energiser to a dedicated earth stake - this is recommended for longer fences or if the soil gets particularly dry in summer.

Our Opinion

With 2 power settings and 2 pulse rates, this can be set to suit your fence and animals and conserve your 12v battery as long as possible between recharges.

We think this model may prove even more popular than Fenceman's DP350B which has been our bestselling small strip grazing unit for years! The CP900 has a similar design but with some really useful extra features. Wheras the DP350B has a lower output on 6v, this model has constant power so will put out the same voltage on 6v - no need to worry your horses will test the 'weaker' fence while you're recharging your leisure battery!

Also, with the DP350B you have to remove the 6v batteries to attach the 12v battery and the D Cell batteries can be a little fiddly to remove. We love the fact this unit can have the 6v batteries kept in all the time and they will just kick in and power the unit as soon as you remove the leisure battery - or if you don't notice it's running down! Although with the low battery indicator that's not likely, and we love the fence voltage indicator too.

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  • 3 yr warranty

  • High Power
    • Stored energy - 0.86 Joules
    • Output energy - 0.71 Joules
    • Fence voltage max - 8,500v
    • Fence voltage at 500ohms - 3,200v
    • Current consumption - 58mA (12v) /120mA (6v)
    • Suitable for 1-2 electric nets

    • Low Power
  • Stored energy - 0.43 Joules
  • Output energy - 0.34 Joules
  • Fence voltage at 500ohms -
  • Current consumption - 28mA (12v) / 54mA (6v)
  • Not recommended for electric netting

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