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Hotline Raptor 80

Hotline Raptor 80

Product Reference: U01-018


110.00 (inc vat)
The Raptor 80 from Hotline is the medium output model in this range and will power up to 5km of fencing at a fence voltage of around 4,300v or 1 or 2 poultry nets. The Raptor is truly versatile as it can run from several power supplies and the Fence Performance Monitor LED display clearly shows how your fence (rather than just the energiser) is performing. Powering can be done in 3 ways.

Mains Powered
When the transformer (included) is plugged into the side of the unit it should be, like all mains energisers, mounted on the inside of a building with lead out cable running out to both the electric fence and the earth stake.

12v Battery
The Raptor is supplied with connection cables to power it from a 12v battery.

6v Battery
It can be run by using a 6v square battery which can be inserted into the underside of the energiser - this will allow the unit to run up to 8 weeks (depending on the capacity of the battery). This will be at a lower voltage and we do not recommend powering electric netting this way purely because of the nets high power consumption. When the fence is run from the mains and a 6v battery is inserted the 6v battery will kick in and power your fence if there is a power cut.

There is a small stand included with the Raptor which holds it in position in the field rather than have it hang from a nail. For smaller fences this may unofficially be used as an earth stake but for longer fences or in areas of dry ground an additional earth stake will improve the power in your fence considerably.

The best feature about this energiser is without doubt the Fence Performance Monitor. This is an LED display which flashes with coloured lights that rotate with every pulse to show the status of your electric fence. Flashing green means everything is good and your fence has plenty of power. Blue means it's acceptable and the display flashes red when the fence has very low power and needs attention. There is also a central LED which flashes red when the 12v battery needs recharging or when it's running on 6v battery backup.

Our Opinion
We love the indicator display and the fact that it's nearly the size of a 10p means you can see it's reassuring flash clearly from a distance. The stand makes life so much easier by keeping it up off the ground if used in a field but the battey backup feature will be a very handy function appreciated by those wanting to recharge a battery overnight without risking leaving a fence turned off. It is fairly bulky in comparison with other units due to the 6v battery compartment but an excellent multi-function unit all the same.

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  • 3 yr warranty
  • Stored energy - 0.8 Joules
  • Output energy - 0.7 Joules
  • Fence voltage max - 8,100v
  • Fence voltage at 500ohms - 4,300v
  • Current consumption - 107mA
  • Suitable for up to 2 poultry or 5 sheep electric nets

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