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25m Poultry Kit - Mains Power

25m Poultry Kit - Mains Power

Product Reference: U02-009


172.50 (inc vat)
Energiser Upgrade
Net Upgrade
Lead Out Cable Upgrade

This is an ideal starter kit for anyone wanting to keep chickens outdoors, with a mains power point nearby. The kit includes everything you need to set up a secure poultry pen where your hens can happily range without danger from hungry foxes.

The Copel energiser is one of our most popular and reliable mains energisers and the M2 is easily powerful enough to run several nets of this size. However, you can upgrade to the M4 or M7 if you want even more power protecting your hens or if you're likely to add a lot more netting in future.

As with all mains energisers, this needs to be housed indoors as it is plugged into a mains socket. The energiser terminals are then connected to the fence and earth stake with lead-out cable. The kit includes 10m of insulated lead out cable as standard but if you need more you can choose a larger reel of cable from the drop-down box above. If upgrading to the M4 or M7, we recommend the thicker 2.5mm insulated lead out cable is used. Please note, you will need enough cable to cover TWO distances - to connect the energiser to the fence AND to the earth stake.

A galvanised 1m earth stake is included in the kit along with lead out cable, as well as a fence tester, a warning sign to hang on your fence and a small repair kit for the netting.

The net supplied with this kit is a 25m length of our green electric poultry netting. It has 12 horizontal lines with 11 of these being conducting wires. The bottom line of the netting is not electrified as it sits on the ground and would leak power to the earth. The first electrified line is at 5cm high and the spacings gradually get wider nearer the top of the net. This closely spaced mesh at ground level ensures even the smallest birds are safely contained and that all types of predators cannot get through.

The 25m net comes with 9 single spike posts and you can choose to upgrade to double-spike posts which give a better grip in the ground. A sagging net will inevitably leak power as some of the electrified wires will touch the ground, so if you're going to have a curved fence or if its on sloping or very uneven ground then the added strength of double-spiked posts will help support the netting. We also have Extra Strong Corner Posts which can be used for extra support at the corners or wherever else needed. The net has a 'tail' at each end where all the conducting wires come together and can be used to join onto another length of netting or to an electric net gate, so you've always got the flexibility to add to your poultry pen in the future.

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Kit Contents
  • Horizont M2 Mains energiser (upgrades available M4, M7)
  • 25m green poultry netting (upgrades available 25m double spike netting)
  • 1m earth stake
  • 10m lead out cable (upgrades available 25m, 50m, 100m)
  • 8 level tester
  • warning sign & repair kit
Energiser Specification
  • 2 yr warranty
  • M2
    • Stored energy - 1.5 Joules
    • Output energy - 1 Joules
    • Fence voltage max - 12500v
    • Fence voltage at 500ohms - 4700v
    • Current consumption - 2.5w
    • Suitable for up to 3-4 poultry or sheep electric nets
  • Stored energy - 3.0 Joules
  • Output energy - 2.4 Joules
  • Fence voltage max - 14,000v
  • Fence voltage at 500ohms - 5,200v
  • Current consumption - 4.2w
  • Suitable for up to 4-6 poultry or sheep electric nets
  • Stored energy - 6.0 Joules
  • Output energy - 3.0 Joules
  • Fence voltage max - 13,000v
  • Fence voltage at 500ohms - 6,000v
  • Current consumption - 7.5w
  • Suitable for up to 15 poultry or sheep electric nets
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