Electric fencing for horses, pigs, rabbits sheep and chickens. Heavy duty horse clippers, cordless and rechargeable clippers and clipper blade sharpening - the best prices with fast delivery.

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Electric Fencing

We stock a huge range of electric fencing solutions for all applications so whether you require poultry netting, fence for a horse paddock or an electric fence to keep herons out of your pond, we can help.
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Ring Insulators For Electric Fences Offer

Great deal on SOLID CENTRE ring insulators in store now.

100 rings with FREE drill bit - £11.50
200 rings with FREE drill bit - £21.75
300 rings with FREE drill bit - £31.50

Perfect for rope and twine electric fences. Just screw them into a wooden post for great insulation - no more britle insulators breaking after a couple of years.

Click here for more details.

Electric Fence Energisers - Mains & Battery Powered Electric Fence Energisers - Mains & Battery Powered

We have a large range of mains and battery (9v & 12v) electric fencing energisers from Hotline, Horizont & Fenceman to power your fence. Between these, our electric fence kits, range of fencing insulators, gates, connectors, testers, etc. we aim to provide our customers with a complete electric fencing solution with quick, efficient service. We also stock one of the biggest ranges of fence conductors for animals on the market. All Patura energisers come with a 3 year guarantee.

Electric Fence Conductors & Insulators
Whether you want polyrope for shorter paddock fences or wish long distance horse rope to enclose a large acreage, then we can advise on the best specification and how best to install it. Likewise our polytape comes in a variety of qualities. Most electric fence tapes have stainless steel conductors with the top quality tape having tinned copper running through and some having a mixture of both. To secure these to your fence, there is a large selection of insulators to choose from. You can choose from ring, combination and 'screw in insulators' to clamp electric fence tape to distance, clamping and start & end insulators which each having their own place in insulating the farm fence conducting line. Recently we have added the 4" straight & the 8" straight distance insulators to the range.

Electric Fence Conductors & Insulators

Electric Nets For Chickens, Sheep & Rabbits Electric Nets For Chickens, Sheep & Rabbits
The electric chicken netting is of a very high quality with the green electric poultry netting being a best seller. This is the perfect electric fence solution to keep your chickens in their pen and predators like foxes out. As they are quite 'power hungry', we have created a few fencing kits with all you'll need to get started. As with all of our kits, we can adapt them to suit your requirements. The sheep nets and electric rabbit netting also benefit from the same German quality of manufacture.

Now in stock - Poultry netting with double spiked posts for added grip. Click here for the 25m chicken net and here for the 50m poultry electric fencing.

Electric Fence Polyposts
The plastic electric fence posts / polyposts are available in 3 sizes and in green or white. While the standard 3ft plastic fenceposts are very popular, the superior horse fenceposts have a considerably stronger build - particularly the footplate. They come with a 3 yr manufacturers warranty and have a superb UV resistance, so if you're needing plastic posts that can endure years in all weathers without becoming brittle, then these are for you. We're also stocking extra tall posts which are 4'6" tall in both white & green
Fencing Kits For Horses, Poultry, etc
For those who are a little unsure, and are just needing some basic components to fence in a horse or keep foxes from getting to your chickens, we've made up a few electric fence kits that contain the most commonly used components.

While these kits are very good, they may not be the best electric fencing solution for everyone so we are on hand to advise you on what's best for you (not what's best for us). Just phone and we'll gladly advise on the best system for you.

If you would like extra posts, wider polytape, more horse fencing tape, or just want to talk through what you think you need, just call us.
Fencing Kits For Horses, Poultry, etc

Help Section
As the whole issue of electric fencing can be confusing, we've devoted a whole section to electric fencing help. We can advise over the phone about all your electric fencing needs and for information on looking after poultry we recommend www.poultrykeeper.com where we contribute articles on husbandry and fencing.

Horse Clippers & Blades

Horse Clippers & Blades

Last year we expanded our range of horse clippers to include those from Heiniger, Liveryman and Wolseley to give us a more balanced range to meet our customer needs. This year we have added more clippers to suit all needs and budgets. All are at prices well below RRP.

F4 Last year Wahl's Moser Avalon was matched in popularity by the Liveryman Harmony by the 1 or 2 horse owners who were after a cordless horse clipper. The Heiniger Cordless and the Wolseley Merlin added to give the cordless & rechargeable clippers selection a much needed boost for those who had a number of horses to attend to. These are especially popular with those whose horses have thicker coats.
This year we have the Wahl Avalon in two packages. One is the standard Avalon cordless clipper with 1 blade which we are selling for the bargain price of 169.00 and the other is a 2 blade Moser Avalon battery horse clipper package with additonal carry bag for only 199.00. We also have our other small / medium cordless clippers in 2 seperate deals. The Liveryman Harmony battery 2 blade package is 169.99 and a 3 blade Liveryman Clippers package is on at a very cheap £179.99

Our medium duty horse clippers have had a major overhaul with some very well known makes & models taking pride of place. While the Heiniger, Liveryman and Wolseley clippers all provide machines with balanced motors that have lower vibration levels and are quieter, we have added some new horse clippers to fill the gaps in our range.

From Liveryman comes the Filly which has a strong motor and is short and light. The Liveryman Arena packs a good punch and comes at an excellent price for the medium duty clipper range but the Liveryman Red Rocket and Liscop Cutli stand out from the crowd.

These are made by Lister in Germany and are the quietest clippers we have ever come accross. The low vibration technology and the oscillating drive unit have produced a fantastic clipper that's perfect for nervous horses. The slim, easy-grip handpiece makes it very easy to hold for continuous operation. Well worth a look.

F6 Until now we just had the Hauptner 3000 as our heavy weight clipper but we've brought in the Heiniger Delta 3 which is in a different league altogether. No other horse clipper of this power has 3 speed settings which can slow down for sensitive areas and decrease it's noise level accordingly for nervous horses. Once you've used (or even held) this clipper, you can see why Heiniger has the reputation for producing some of the worlds best engineered clippers.

Clipper Blade Sharpening

We also offer a blade sharpening service at very competitive prices.

As anybody who clips their own horse knows, clipper blades inevitably get blunt and need sharpening on a regular basis. Getting your blades sharpened with us couldn't be easier. Just buy the number of sharpenings you need (the more you buy the cheaper they get), pay at the checkout and then print off the order confirmation. Enclose the blades with the confirmation and send to us. We will professionally sharpen them and send them back ASAP

To buy this service click here and to see how we sharpen the blades click here.
Clipper Blade Sharpening

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