Electric fencing for horses, pigs, rabbits sheep and chickens. Heavy duty horse clippers, cordless and rechargeable clippers and clipper blade sharpening - the best prices with fast delivery.

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Electric Fencing

We stock one of the biggest ranges of electric fence supplies in the UK with our products able to be shipped out from our warehouse for delivery next working day.

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Energisers - Big Brands At Low Prices Energisers - Big Brands At Low Prices

When it comes to energisers we only stock units from well established supplers with a track record of quality as this is the most important part of your fence. We currently use Hotline, Horizont, Patura & Fenceman and have units to power all types of fences.
There are small strip grazing energisers which are easily moved within a field but give plenty power to restrict grazing. There is a large selection of mains powered and 12v battery fencers available for small fencing applications right through to large estate requirements and we recommend you look at our combined 12v / dual powered units as these give can run from both mains and 12v battery.

Conducting Lines & Insulators

We've a whole range of tapes, ropes, twines and wires for all types of animals. Most contain stainless steel but some have tinned copper for a lower resistance so the pulse from the energiser will travel further along the fence. There is also a huge selection of insulators to suit the tape, rope or wire. Some screw into the posts, some screw onto the posts. you can have your lines sitting 2",4",5",6", 8", 13" or 20" away from the wood posts and some insulators with allow the lines to move through easily with some tape insulators holding the tape tight. The corners of a fenceline have their own set of specific insulators so the lines don't rub and cause wear over time. If you need help in choosing the correct ones for your situation please call and we can advise for your requirements.
Conducting Lines & Insulators

Electric Netting For Poultry, Sheep & Rabbits Electric Netting For Poultry, Sheep & Rabbits

Our green electric chicken netting is 110cm high and can come with single or double spiked posts for that extra grip in the ground. We're now stock the Hotline netting with an integrated 'Hot Gate' so you can open and close your pen without turning the energiser off in not get 'zapped' yourself. and this is coming in 16m, 25m, 36m & 50m lengths.

Like the poultry nets, the sheep and rabbit netting has steel conductors in all but the bottom horizontal lines and will provide a fantastic fencing solution when installed correctly with a powerful energiser. Find all our electric nets here.

Plastic Fence Posts

There are short 50cm high posts for badgers fencing in gardens but the 3ft posts are the most popular for mobile use. These come in two specifications and are ideal for sheep, cattle and ponies and will hold the line around 3ft from the ground. The taller 4ft posts come in standard and a superior grade and are for horse paddocks with the superior ones having an almost indestructable footplate. The extra tall plastic posts hold the top line around 4'6" out of the ground and best for very large horses. These can be seen here.

Electric Fencing Kits

Horse kits, poultry kits, rabbit kits & anything you want kits. We have a fairly comprehensive selection put together for each type of animal either to keep them contained or to keep predators like foxes out. Some are 12v battery powered with others being mains operated. The horse kits let you choose the height of the posts to suit your horse and the poultry fencing kits allow you to upgrade the netting to double spiked to help with the grip in the soil and prevent sagging. We can tweak the kits to your needs and are happy to advise and quote on a custom made set up. These can be seen here.
Electric Fencing Kits

Horse Clippers & Blades

Horse Clippers & Blades

We also stock a full range of horse clippers, trimmers and accessories to keep your horse looking their best.

F4 With leading brands like Liveryman, Heiniger, Wolseley & Wahl we will stock a set of clippers to suit your horse's needs and your pocket. There are light duty clippers for horses with finer coats, medium duty machines and heavy duty clippers for when the maximum power is needed. When looking at the spec of each unit please remember that those with permanent magnet motors are more powerful than you'd expeect as when they come accross and area of thicker or tougher hair, they "drop a gear and up the revs" to get through it.

Our prefered clipper in the light duty section is the Harmony Plus from Liveryman as it has a battery integrated into the handset and can run directly from the mains too. This adds a bit of weight to the handset but ot enough to make any noticable difference. It can also come in a bundle deal with a battery pack for your belt as well. The Liveryman Red Rocket would be our recommended medium duty unit. It has the quietest head with the lowest vibration we have ever come accross and ergonomically shaped handset.The permanent magnet motor gives it that bit extra oomph when needed too.

We stock a big range of clipper blades inhouse and can dispatch them by 1st class recorded up until 3pm. We only stock branded blades from our suppliers as they are made from considerably harder steel than generic blades and will keep their edge longer. When you need to get your blades sharpened please see our clipper blade sharpening section here and see here to see how we sharpen blades.

Clipper Blade Sharpening

We also offer a blade sharpening service at very competitive prices.

As anybody who clips their own horse knows, clipper blades inevitably get blunt and need sharpening on a regular basis. Getting your blades sharpened with us couldn't be easier. Just buy the number of sharpenings you need (the more you buy the cheaper they get), pay at the checkout and then print off the order confirmation. Enclose the blades with the confirmation and send to us. We will professionally sharpen them and send them back ASAP

To buy this service click here and to see how we sharpen the blades click here.
Clipper Blade Sharpening

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