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Fenceman DP 350B

Price:    77.50 Including  VAT at 20%


This fence energiser with an adjustable pulse rate which can be powered by either 4D cell batteries or an external 12v rechargeable battery. It will power up to 3.5km on 12v (1km on 6v). and the pulse rate is fully adjustable from 20 pulses per minute to 60 although 40 is the norm. This will save considerably on battery usage (see table below). 4 D cell batteries are included free to get you started.

The D cell batteries can be slotted in to the energiser housing and the 12v battery can be attached by the two connection leads (included) to the terminals on the underside of the energiser. PLEASE NOTE: Internal batteries must be removed before external battery is connected.

Connecting the energiser is easy with the wide steel terminal on the top of the energiser being clamped over the tape or rope and tightened to ensure a good connection for maximum effectiveness. Alternatively you can use the connection cable included to connect the power terminal to the electric fence.

The energiser comes with an integrated earth stake (included) which also acts as a mounting stand. The securing clamp on the back holds the earth stake firmly in place and provides the good ground connection. Alternatively, the clamping bracket can be detatched from the earth stake making it purely a mounting stake and an additional earth wire can be attached from the energiser to a dedicated earth stake. This is only really necessary if the soil gets particularly dry in summer.

There is an LED indication light which blinks on every pulse and flashes rapidly when the battery is running low so you'll never run out of power.

2yr warranty


Stored Joules
Output Joules
Fence Voltage @ 500 Ohms
Distance under light load

Battery Life Expectancy

Pulses Per Minute 60 50 40 30 20
6v Battery Life 3 wks 4 wks 5 wks 6 wks 9 wks

Our Opinion

We've sold hundreds of these over the past couple of years and they are our best seller for strip grazing and small mobile paddocks and it's lower voltage output using the internal batteries has made it popular for use with pets and in gardens. The best price & most versatile small battery energiser on the UK market at the moment.
Condition : New 77.50

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