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25m Green Electric Netting For Chickens

25m Green Electric Netting For Chickens

Product Reference: U06-006


99.00 (inc vat)

This is a 25m length of our popular green poultry electric netting that makes superb electric fencing for your chickens which is both mobile and secure.

As with all other electrified poultry netting, this net is made up of electrifiable horizontal conductors (this net has 11) with the vertical lines being non-conducting. The bottom line doesn't have a conductor running through it as it sits on the ground and would cause the power to leak to earth.

The net is 110cm high, with the first 4 horizontal gaps 5cm apart and the subsequent 4 being 10cm apart followed by 1 of 15cm amd 1 of 20cm which ensures that even the smallest of birds are secure due to the close mesh construction. All the horizontal conductors in the net come together at each end and are interwoven ending in a clip that can connect power to other nets or to a net gate.

This net is mainly used as a fox deterrent to keep all predators away from the chicken hut and allow your chickens, and all poultry, to scratch & preen outdoors safe from hungry foxes.

It comes with 9 posts which can be moved along the net if necessary and spare posts are available if you need more. Additional very strong poultry net corner posts can be used to provide extra support if need be - if you're setting your net up in a rectangle these provide a stronger support at the corners. One of these posts put in the net about 1m from an end can make a cheap and very effective gateway so you can just lift up the end post and gain access to your birds without lowering the tension on the rest of your fence.

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