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Electric Fencing Polyrope

Electric fencing rope is perfect for horse fencing due to its high visibility and strength and because it's not as susceptible to wind damage as poly-tape. We have a range of quality poly-ropes with different specifications of electrical conductors from stainless steel to tinned copper to suit all types of fencing requirements.

We stock 3 grades of rope in a choice of white or green & white, all are quality poly-ropes with high UV resistance. The standard electric fence rope has 6 lines of stainless steel and the Power Charge rope has 5 lines of stainless steel and 1 line of tinned copper going through it. This gives the rope less resistance and allows the pulse to travel further so it's best suited to long distance fences. Both are made from UV protected polypropylene and available in 200m & 400m rolls. The top grade electric fence rope is our Turbo-Charge rope. This has 5 lines of stainless steel, a thick line of tinned copper and is made from very hard wearing & UV protected polyethylene. This is for recommended for permanent, long distance fencing and available in 400m rolls in both white and green.

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