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Wire & Twine

Electric Fencing Wire & Twine

We stock some of the best poly-twine and wire on the electric fence market today with great prices on our range of steel and aluminium wire for permanent perimeter fencing and flexible poly-wire for temporary fencing and strip-grazing. Our standard twine is designed for short livestock fences and our professional grade twine is ideal for permanent and longer distance fencing.

Wire and twine are ideal for most farm livestock, however they are not suitable as a barrier fence for fast moving animals such as horses because they are not as visible or as strong as electric poly-rope. However we find that the Pro XL twine makes a perfect top line deterrent for post & rail fences as the physical fence provides the visual deterrent and the top line will stop the horse leaning over. Wire and twine are also ideally suited to domestic and garden fencing and for electrified scare lines to keep predators such as foxes and badgers out.

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