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Connectors & Strainers

Connectors & Strainers

Properly joining lines of electric tape, rope and twine is essential when maintaining maximum conductivity in an electric fence and here we have our range of special connectors for the job. Tying lengths of poly-tape or rope together will NOT join the conductors properly and a substantial loss in power is inevitable when doing this - the more knots in a fence line, the more the power is diluted. For this reason using the proper connectors is advised as with these the actual connector becomes 'live' and then all the conductors in the rope / tape / twine become charged.

We also supply connection leads for a wide range of purposes - from steel wire leads to take the high voltage from the energiser to the fence, crocodile clips or tape-clamping connectors, to cables to transfer power between additional lines of fencing.

We also have strainers and tensioners for adjusting your fence line, whether for wire, twine, rope or tape, these can be easily inserted into an existing fence to take up any slack and tension the fence as required.

If you would like any further help, please do not hesitate to email us at or call us on 01241 874444 for advice on selecting the right components your particular electric fence.