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Electric Fencing Tape

We have a fantastic range of electric fencing poly-tape with different specifications to cater for short and temporary fences such as horse paddocks to long distance permanent fencing for farms, large stables and livery yards.

All our tapes are excellent quality and available in 20mm and 40mm wide and a choice of colours - with specifications to suit all budgets and all below RRP. The standard range is ideal for smaller and temporary paddocks and our Liveline tapes with high performance conductors are recommended for longer distance and more permanent fencing.

We always advise to use 20mm polytapes in areas that are prone to high winds as sometimes 40mm tape can catch the wind and start to flap. This can cause damage to the horizontal conductors and weaken the fence over time. All tapes will last longer when stored properly and we have a good range of reels that are perfect for storing tape and strip-grazing.

If you would like further help please do not hesitate to email us at or call us on 01241 874444 for advice.