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Dog Fencing

Dog Fencing

How to set up an electric fence for a dog depends entirely on the dog, it's size and temperament. There are 2 options which we would recommend.

Electric Netting
This is a very effective electric fencing method and extensively used to exclude dogs from areas as it provides a 'wall' of electric conductors that deter the dog. Several nets can be joined together to cover a large area.

The only problem with using electric nets in gardens is that if there is considerable vegetaion, an electric net will invariably touch this and cause an earth leakage. This causes the power to be reduced and the dog is less likely to see the fence as a deterrent.

Posts & Tape / Twine
Slightly different to using a net, this method gives the user the option to select the height of the conductors to suit the dog. It also allows for the fence to easily change direction and go over uneven ground.

If the dog is small, then a few lines of wire or polytwine should be placed lower down the post with the baseline around the 10cm mark. Lines higher up the posts will deter the dog from jumping over the fence. If the dog is a larger variety then the conductors will need to be higher up the posts but it is important to retain a line along the bottom around 10 cm. This deters the dog from trying to dig under the fence.

In some cases the dog may even try to jump through the fence which is rare but does happen although normally only with rabbits. The dog can discover that it doesn't get a shock if the wires it touches are live and the dog isn't touching the ground to earth them. To resolve this, another strand of conductor is run along the fenceline at the nose-height of the animal and is attached to the earth stake only and NOT to any of the other lines. When the dog jumps through, even though it is completely off the ground, it will earth out the current by touching the earth wire and a live wire and will therefore receive a shock.