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50m Green Electric Poultry Netting

50m Green Electric Poultry Netting

Product Reference: U06-008


150.00 (inc vat)
This olive green electric netting is our most popular net because it blends into the background.

It will provide your chickens with a great fencing solution to stop hungry foxes getting at them. The electric net is essentially a very secure mesh made up of electrifiable polywires that will give a shock to any animal trying to get through. The spacings between the horizontal wires start off at 5cm increments for the first 4 spacings and increase therafter making the nets suitable for bantam sized birds and above.

Several nets can be joined together by the clips at the end allowing the pulse from a fence energiser to go from one net to another with maximum effect. Or you can add a Hot-Gate system which allows you to open up your chicken netting without disconnecting the energiser.

This 110 cm high electric poultry netting contains 12 electroplastic twines with 11 being conductors. These nets are ideal for free range chickens, geese, turkeys, etc. Includes 15 single prong posts spaced along the 50m net - these can be moved if necessary and extra posts are available if you need more support. We also have Extra Strong Corner Posts for the corners of your netting that will keep your net from sagging and therefore prevent power leakages. These posts are VERY STRONG and can take the weight of the chicken netting easily and even the strain of turning a corner without bending or having the ground spikes move.

PLEASE NOTE Nets are quite power hungry and we recommend you use an energiser that has more than ample power.

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