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Hotline Hot-Gate For Poultry Netting

Hotline Hot-Gate For Poultry Netting

Product Reference: U06-011


49.00 (inc vat)
This is a gate for your poultry netting that allows you to open up your pen without turning the power off or getting a shock.

The system comes with an end post to use as a 'hinge' post, an 'opening' post with socket and a 'latch post. To put your system together the two ends of your netting should be opened up and the hinge post cable tied to the end of the poultry netting post. Similarly the latch post should be pushed into the ground through the post socket as per the pictures above. This holds it in place and the other end of the chicken netting should be cable tied to the latch post. The gate can now be opened by operating the catch at the top of opening post.

110cm high so fits with all of our 110cm poutry nets.

Our Opinion
Great innovation. Looks a bit tricky to set up but the instructions that come with it are very good. The catch at the top with ours was a bit tight to begin with but loosened off pretty quickly and if you're in and out of your chicken electric net often this saves turning off the energiser each time and that horrible thought of "did I / didn't I turn it off" each time you grip onto the end pole.

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