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Titan Duo Series

Titan Duo Series

Product Reference: 01-084Series


90.00 (inc vat)
There are two energisers in this range with the Titan 1500 having 1.0 Output Joules and the Titan 3000 having 2 Output Joules. The 1500 will put a pulse down a maximum of 10km (lab conditions) and on a standard fence the voltage felt by and animal will be 4100v. It would be fine to power 2 poultry nets. The Titan 3000 can power a max of 18km (lab conditions) and on a standard fenceline, will give a reading of 6100v and you'd be able to power up to 5 poultry nets.

Both come with the connection leads to have them powered by a 12v battery and, if housed inside, the transformer to power it by 240v. The conection itself is better than a standard jack plug connection as it slots into the enegiser and has a locking nut to hold it in position so there's no chance of it being yanked out in error.

There are mounting holes on the back of these machines so they can either be hung from a nail on a fence or hung from an earth stake (our angled 1m ones are perfect). If using from the mains, best fix a screw in a wall and hang it from that and take the power out to the fence with an insulated earthing cable.

Both come with the standard 3 year manufacturers warranty to give you peace of mind

Our Opinion
Sturdy units with no fancy gimmicks. The size of output is suitable for most small-medium equine fences and certainly the best value duel powered energisers we have.

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    Titan Duo 1500
    • Stored energy - 1.50 Joules
    • Output energy - 1.0 Joules
    • Fence voltage max - 12,000v
    • Fence voltage at 500ohms - 4,100v
    • 3 yr warranty
    Titan Duo 3000
  • Stored energy - 3.00 Joules
  • Output energy - 2.0 Joules
  • Fence voltage max - 9,600v
  • Fence voltage at 500ohms - 6,100v
  • 3 yr warranty

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