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25m Poultry Kit - Mains & 12v Battery

25m Poultry Kit - Mains & 12v Battery

Product Reference: U02-004


175.00 (inc vat)
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This kit comprises of a superb combination of energiser and poultry net which will suit just about everyone looking for a small, inexpensive kit that you can set up in no time at all. There is no better method of keeping foxes out of your chicken pen AND keeping the birds contained in a secure area.

The 110cm tall electric netting is one of our 25m chicken nets which are excellent quality and give terrific protection to your birds. This netting has 12 horizontal lines with the top 11 being electrifiable. The bottom line just sits on the grass and remains unpowered. All these lines meet up at each end of the net from where they run up the end posts and form into a couple of tails. These tails have clips on them so you can join several fencing nets together or a net gate. The gaps between the horizontal lines are very close at the bottom (only 5cm high) so even very young birds won't escape and they get slightly larger as the netting gets higher.

There are 9 posts that are already in situ but they can be moved up or down the fence line if need be and more can be added if you find you need more.

The Gemini 40 energiser is a 0.45 output joule fencer which is more than adequate to power a few nets of this size so even if there is a wee bit of leakage here and there like grass gowing into it or the net sags a bit, this unit has the reserves of power to cope. It won't push a pulse through a jungle but that bit extra oomph may come in more than handy. The option is available at the top of the page to upgrade the energiser to a larger model if you'd like greater power protecting your chickens.

We include a 1m long earth stake with this kit and seeing as a good earth is the most important thing (accounts for around 85% of an electric fences efficiency) the shock felt by a hungry fox will be ensured through a good earth.

Also the energiser is dual power so if you want to run it from a 12v battery then you can and similarly if you'd like to run it from the mains then just change over the adapter cables (both supplied) and away you go. Perfect if you move your poultry scratching pen around and it's sometimes close to a power source. Additional insulated cable can be used when you wish to run it from the mains but have a distance to go to reach either the fence or the earth stake when the unit is mounted in an outhouse.

An upgrade to have your poultry fencing kit with a double spiked net is available and we'd recommend this to anyone who's pen is to be an irregular shape or has uneven ground as the spikes have a far better grip in the ground than single spikes. More information on the single spike poultry net that comes with the kit is here and you can read about the double spiked chicken net here

We'll also enclose an 8 level voltage tester so you know your fence has plenty of power.

Please Note: We also have EXTRA STRONG POULTRY NETTING CORNER POSTS which provide excellent support for the corners of the netting and can provide a gateway too. While the flexiposts used throughout the net are fine for keeping the net supported they are not as robust at keeping the netting taught at the corners so some customers have used these with excellent results. By adding these EXTRA THICK & DOUBLE SPIKED POSTS to the corners they considerably help keeping the poultry netting from sagging.

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Kit Contents
  • Hotline Gemini 40 Mains & 12v energiser (upgrades available Gemini 80 / 120)
  • 25m green poultry netting (upgrades available 25m double spike netting)
  • 1m earth stake
  • 8 level tester
  • warning sign & repair kit
  • Battery NOT included
Energiser Specification
  • 3 yr warranty
  • Gemini 40
    • Stored energy - 0.8 Joules
    • Output energy - 0.45 Joules
    • Fence voltage max - 7,500v
    • Fence voltage at 500ohms - 3,900v
    • Current consumption - 85mA
    • Suitable for 1-2 poultry or sheep electric nets
    Gemini 80
  • Stored energy - 1.2 Joules
  • Output energy - 0.8 Joules
  • Fence voltage max - 8,200v
  • Fence voltage at 500ohms - 4,200v
  • Current consumption - 140mA
  • Suitable for up to 3 poultry or sheep electric nets
Gemini 120
  • Stored energy - 2.4 Joules
  • Output energy - 1.2 Joules
  • Fence voltage max - 8,100v
  • Fence voltage at 500ohms - 4,900v
  • Current consumption - 200mA
  • Suitable for up to 4 poultry or 15 sheep electric nets
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